Sins & Virtues Project

Sins&VirtuesTo kick off the second year of uni we were given the task of designing a 16+ page booklet based on the subject of our seven design sins and virtues. The project spanned ten weeks and ended up being a good lesson in time management, as the deadline coincided with several other major ones within a few days of each other! Despite being easily being the most hectic two weeks I’ve had so far at uni, I think I’ve enjoyed this project the most, just wish I had allocated more of my time to it. A lesson well learned.

Initially I had planned to create an internet meme comic book style, based on a client / designer relationship and the situations designers find themselves in. Initially this direction showed promise, but I felt I probably wouldn’t have had the time to fully do the concept justice. One of the main things I wanted to achieve with my outcome was to create something that would draw the reader in and keep them interested until the end – I thought the best way to achieve this would be through a heavily illustrative style with lots of visual metaphors and a mixture of styles. I tried to maintain visual consistency through my colour use and typography, although I think these two ideas of variation and continuity conflict somewhat, I think the end result works fairly well.

Here’s a few spreads from my booklet, I intend to have a link to a PDF magazine at some point once I’ve worked out how that works.

Sins&Virtues-Blog-Spread1 Sins&Virtues-Blog-Spread2 Sins&Virtues-Blog-Spread3 Sins&Virtues-Blog-Spread4


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