Online Storage – Google Drive

Google DriveOnline storage has made leaps and bounds recently, almost eradicating the need for a USB stick which is great news for anyone who has experienced one corrupting first hand. Google recently released a program that creates a folder on your computer and uploads any files you place into it to their online servers – which you can then access from any web browser on any computer. All you need is a Google account, and with that you get 5 gigabytes of free storage. For me at least this has dramatically sped up moving work from my laptop to the Uni computers, and given me peace of mind that it’s backed up somewhere else other than my computer and not on a USB stick that I can potentially leave in my trousers when I do the washing (yes I’ve done that, although surprisingly it still worked).

Dropbox essentially does the same thing, although I had issues with uploading files back to it from the Uni computers. With Dropbox you also have the potential to earn more storage space through getting friends to sign up to it and posting it on Twitter / Facebook etc, you can also pay for more space should you need it!


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