Black Keys Posters


The Black Keys Poster

I’ve liked the Black Keys for a while now, and the more I find out about them the more I like them – they seem to be genuine guys who just enjoy making music and would rather avoid the bullshit that comes with it. They also have good taste in Illustrators. I came across these gig posters on Facebook – they commission Illustrators from each city that they gig in and the result is some inspirational work. It’s also great exposure for the Illustrator, which will only increase the bigger the Black Keys get. Win-win really! I especially like the poster by Todd Slater (the wolf print) but to be honest I think they’re all great, and this is only a selection. Check out their Facebook page to see more.

Tyler Stout (screen print, metallic ink)

Tyler Stout Black Keys Poster


Andrew Vastagh

Andrew Vastagh Black Keys Poster


Methane Studios

Methane Studios Black Keys Poster


Todd Slater (5 colour silkscreen)

Todd Slater Black Keys Poster


Lil Tuffy

Lil Tuffy Black Keys Poster


Jon Smith

Jon Smith Black Keys Poster


Lars Krause

Lars Krause Black Keys Poster


Johnny Sampson

Johnny Sampson Black Keys Posters





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