Mac OS Tips: Spotlight

Mac OS X spotlight calculations featureYou know that weird “spotlight” thing that occasionally appears in the top right corner when you accidentally mash the wrong keys on your mac? Well it also has another handy use outside of searching your hard drive for key words – you can also use it for calculations (not exactly a strong point of mine).

The quick key for opening Spotlight is ⌘ + spacebar, alternatively you can click the top right magnifiying glass icon. To do an equation simply type it in. For example, if I wanted to know what 13 divided by 3 is, I’d write it like this: 13 / 3 – you don’t even have to type in the equals sign. You can also click the equation and the calculator app will automatically open. This feature was introduced from Mac OS X Leopard onwards which I probably should have mentioned earlier.. whoops.


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