Learning HTML

HTML Post ImageRecently I’ve decided to spend some time learning the basics of HTML and CSS – I think it’s pretty important these days to be adaptable and at least have a base knowledge of web design and markup. Disregarding the “is print dead?” argument, I think it can be very beneficial to have this understanding – whether you use it for clients or for your own online portfolio.

If you have no idea where to start in learning HTML (the foundations of websites) then these sites I’ve come across may help.

Perhaps the most well-known site for learning web design. W3Schools have many tutorials on HTML and CSS, they also have lessons on more advanced web languages such as jQuery.

Similar to the WC3 website, Codecademy takes you through a step by step course that lets you try your markup as you go along – repetition seems to be key with my memory so I find this system pretty ideal. I also find the layout and style of the website more to my tastes.

If you like video tutorials than this might be the website for you, although the pace may be a little slow in certain areas, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. The lessons on HTML are all free, although you have to pay for the more advanced lessons.


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