Hannah Grace La Sagrada Familia PrintPrintmakers are a very rare breed within illustration, which I think is a real shame because they add a whole other depth to the profession. The majority of illustrators are now digitally based due to the speed and ease within they can create their work, so it’s awesome to see individuals branch out from this progression and create something truly unique and interesting.

Illustrator Hannah Grace is a prime example of a new age printmaker, who has gone back to the roots of illustration to present a different way of communicating ideas. Her work involves many different techniques and processes such as intaglio, collographs and photo-etching to name a few. I particularly love her La Sagrada Familia woodcut print – the colours and textures are beautiful.

Definitely check out her blog as well, it’s great to see the processes involved and various ideas that she has come up with throughout her university experience. (She also likes the Chilli Peppers so that makes her one cool ass mother in my books.)



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